Set Sail with Odyssea.


Automatically track routes

Monitor real-time progress on a modern navigation dashboard

Automatically share live position while sailing (similar to AIS, if Internet connection is available on board)

Access sailing statistics in a Skipper profile

See who is following your Skipper profile and follow others' voyages for inspiration

Easily share sailing information on Facebook and export data to Dropbox

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About the app

Smartphone apps are revolutionizing sports and exercise with maps, progress trackers, tips and guidance. Runners, cyclists, golfers, hunters and lots of other sports lovers are able to learn more and improve at their chosen sports with an app.

What about sailors and boat lovers? They were being left behind in the technological stakes until now with the release of Odyssea. There are existing apps with navigation, route sharing, auto-logging and GPS but none with the combined appeal and social character of Odyssea!

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Downloadable from the Apple iTunes Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 7 or later, Odyssea is the most modern and easiest way to record and share all your sailing and boating exploits!

Odyssea automates the recording process of trips including route coordinates, starting point, end point, maximum and average speed, overall duration, sailing versus motoring hours and more! It will add a new dimension to the art of sailing and enhance traditional logs. Odyssea provides both online and offline data saving without internet connection making sure that no data is ever lost from your voyages.

Odyssea has the following great features including:

  • Automatically track routes (free version offers three routes and one favourite boat, unlimited routes and boats version available through Odyssea Store)
  • Monitor real-time progress on a modern navigation dashboard including exact GPS position, true heading in degrees and cardinal directions, speed over ground, top speed and average speed in knots, distance made good since the beginning of the trip in nautical miles, elapsed time, GPS signal strength, number of tracked positions and current route displayed on map (if internet connection available on board)
  • Share live position while sailing (if an internet connection is available on board)
  • Store favourite routes and boats across multiple devices
  • Conserve battery life through different sailing modes - Real Time, Dinghy or Daysail
  • Access all your sailing statistics in your Skipper profile
  • See who is following your Skipper profile and follow others voyages for inspiration
  • Share status and information through Facebook or upload all route details to Dropbox (available in Odyssea Store) for further importing in other applications (such as Google Earth or Google Maps)

Bogdan Grigorescu, Founder and CEO of Quantstream said:

All of us are passionate about sailing and iOS development. We’ve tried different apps for different purposes such as navigation or weather but we couldn’t find an app simple enough for recording and sharing our voyages. Odyssea is the culmination of our efforts to track voyages from coastal cruises to long journeys and share this information with our friends and dear ones in the shortest time possible.

Odyssea turns any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a powerful and unobtrusive tool for recording and sharing boating exploits and much more. For any serious or casual fan of sailing, Odyssea is the perfect tool and companion for any voyage!

Notes to Editors
IMPORTANT - The iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are not professional dedicated navigation devices and buying this app users agree that they will not use Odyssea for navigation or as a replacement for AIS

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